QUICK! Palletized Product Delivery Order

For return customers that have an account and DO NOT need a bid
The purpose of this QUICK! Order Form is for current Amerigrow customers that have an account and have made a purchase within the last year to be able to quickly place an order.

Please fill out the information below. Upon submission we will begin to process your order and a sales representative will contact you in a timely manner to confirm your order and go over the details.

Palletized Product Delivery

You may choose any variety of pallets for your delivery. See the product list below for any restrictions and to enter the exact quantity of each product variety you would like.

Palletized delivery is offered on the east coast of Florida from Indian River to Monroe County.

The minimum order for pallets is 10 pallets per delivery.

The maximum order for pallets is 22 pallets per delivery (full truckload).

For every truckload of product delivered there will be a separate delivery charge. Delivery charge is determined by region.

Each pallet of mulch contains 75 two-cubic foot bags.

Each pallet of soil contains 50 one-cubic foot/ 40lb bags.

Please click on Coverage Calculator to see if you qualify for delivery (you will be able to exit the Coverage Calculator page to return to this order form). Many of Amerigrow’s products can be picked up at our Delray Beach and Jupiter stores. Please call to verify availability.

For custom-product orders, please contact one of our friendly and informative customer service representatives to arrange your order.

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Mulching Solutions:

Colored Mulch:
 Premium Red™
 Premium Gold™
 Pinebark Brown™
Restriction: This product is made-to-order, so please allow three business days for delivery.
  Midnight Black™
Restriction: This product is made-to-order, so please allow three business days for delivery.

Natural Mulch:
 Eucalyptus Mulch
 Greensmart™ Melaleuca Mulch
 Greensmart™ Cypress Blend
 Greensmart™ Eco-Mulch™
 Pine Bark Nuggets

Playground Mulch:
 Certified Playground Turf™ Chipped
 Certified Playground Turf™ Shredded Mulch

Amerigrow Soils:

All Soil:
 Black Magic Eco-Soil™
 Black Magic Potting Soil™
 Black Magic Premium Planting Soil™

*Total quantity of pallets you would like to order (must be a total of at least 10 pallets):