Mulch Matters!
Amerigrow uses clean, non-treated, kiln dried Pine and Oak wood and mixed, healthy, round woods. The wood we use to make our mulch is hand picked before shipment to us and again picked and sorted upon arrival before being processed into our final mulch product. We do not use Construction and Demolition (C&D), CCA (pressure treated), painted or varnished wood. This ensures that our products are environmentally friendly and safe for the consumer.
Our colorants are made by the United States’ premier non-toxic and environmentally-safe colorant manufacturer. They are formulated with the binders necessary to minimize mulch color fading and bleeding and to maximize the life and vibrancy of the mulch color.

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Amerigrow Soils Goes Green AND Grows Green!
Amerigrow formulates and manufactures many diverse soil mixes and custom blends. All soils are 100% organic and are blended with the highest quality compost, which we manufacture on-site.
All of Amerigrow’s products are periodically tested to ensure maturity, health and to establish that they all meet the highest standards of quality.
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