Amerigrow's playground, pathway and trail mulch is excellent for many types of areas, such as: playgrounds, walkways, tracks, trails, animal areas, and other areas requiring a high-quality, non-permanent, groundcover material that is safe and easy to maintain.

These playground mulch varieties are used by municipalities throughout Florida and states across the country for: playgrounds, parks and recreation areas, school districts, daycare centers, and religious facilities.
Playground mulch is generally recommended to have an application depth of at least 12" to be fully effective in its safeness and wheelchair accessibility. This 12" depth is required in order for Playground Turf™™ to be Certified. *Playground Turf™ is wheelchair accessible - ADA Certified ASTM F1951

Playground mulch varieties are all available in bulk, bagged and blow-on installation.
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This product is made primarily from Pine wood which is naturally blondish brown in color and is chipped to approximately 3/4” minus in size. This product is a superior alternative to shredded playground mulch as it creates less dust, will not stick to clothing, and lasts longer.

Consider a 20% compaction rate upon installation. Certified Playground Turf™™™ must be installed at a depth of 12" in order for it to follow Certification guidelines.

Playground Turf™™ is certified by Irvine Wood Recovery and has been tested to meet the latest standards including:

IPEMA Certified ASTM F1292-04.   *Playground Turf™™ meets HIC (head impact criteria) and G:max requirements at 12″ of coverage.

IPEMA Certified ASTM F2075-04.   *Playground Turf™™ meets tramp metal test and sieve analysis.

CPSC.   *Playground Turf™™ exceeds recommendations.