Along with an extended assortment of growing media and soil blending capabilities, Amerigrow is also a distributor of 100% organic fertilizers, plant foods and soil amendments.

Please read below for a list of these current products.



H2H™ harvest-to-harvest is a cold processed, enzymatically-digested, fresh food soil amendment and plant food, that acts as an all-natural bio-stimulant. Due to the uniqueness of both the raw material source, and the processing method, H2H™ works like nothing else on the market.
H2H™ harvest-to-harvest fertilizer is available from Amerigrow in:
5 Gallon Buckets (48/Pallet)
275 Gallon IBC (17/Truck)
H2H™ harvest-to-harvest information:
Description of Organic Recovery
Description of H2H™ harvest-to-harvest
The Evolution of Technology
Description of the Enzymatic Process
Crop Specific Application Instructions
Material Safety Data Sheet
Laboratory Testing Results
H2H™ harvest-to-harvest brochures:
Product Guide- Use, Benefits & Application
Application Guide- Instructions & Tips
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Visit Organic Recovery LLC for more information on H2H™ harvest-to-harvest.

fertiGREEN™ 15 G Pro

fertiGREEN™ 15 G Pro is a non-leaching, non-toxic, organic and environmentally-friendly soil microbial amendment & foliar nitrogen enhancer. FertiGreen™ is an L-Lysene-based 15-0-0 granular fertilizer, which has the highest level of nitrogen available on the market.

fertiGREEN™ 15 G Pro flyer:
fertiGREEN™ 15 G Pro 15-0-0 Flyer

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